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 Why go to the expense of changing your tiles when you can use our tile, stone & grout cleaning and sealing products to restore them to their former beauty and if you have a tiling problem ask

The Stone and Tile Sealer shop.

stone sealerThe Stone and Tile Sealer Shop is a  experienced stone and tile sealer supplier and restoration company that specializes is high quality sealers. Our services range from routine polishing and sealing your marble, granite and ceramic floors,wall and worktops to complete restoration projects that includes diamond grinding, honing, cleaning and polishing. We have the experience and the technical knowledge to identify and solve stone matters including any scratched, etched or water marked stone.

The Stone and Tile Sealer Shop have the experience to professionally identify and solve tile, stone and grout matters such as dirty grout, discolourated grout, improper sealing and mildew stains.
The look of your floor can also be changed without you having to incur the cost or mess of tearing up your old tile or stone floor.  It can be a simple process such as recolouring your grout or using an enhanced sealer on your natural stone. These processes can also help extend the life of your tile and grout.  The colourant is an epoxy based resin that gives incredible resistance to staining while easing the amount of time and effort that can be spent cleaning your unprotected grout. 
The Stone and Tile Sealer Shop services London,Kent, Essex, Hertfordshire, East Sussex, Berkshire, Middlesex and surrounding counties.
stone cleanerWe use the most effective and efficient methods to obtain the desired results on floors, walls and countertops, whether it is routine polishing, scratch removal or extensive stone restoration.  All stone restoration projects are done by one of our specialists who will ensure that the stone is properly identified and the best procedure to obtain optimum results is used.
Stone countertops need occasional cleaning and sealing to prevent staining. To ensure your countertops are clean and safe, we use a cleaning system that combines a specific stone detergent and an anti-bacterial chemical. With a long lasting sealant, we will then seal your countertop to ensure it has the best protection needed against staining. We perform our own testing on site to ensure we only use the best sealers. Our sealer is designed to last for years and using the proper cleaning product will ensure it will.

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